Attacks Every Night

January 26, 2018

This is the story of a woman who gets attacked every night. We had an interview with her and she has this to share with us. My name is ANONYMOUS. I got married to my husband some years back. After a year, I was unable to conceive. But I usually have pregnancy and after sometime, it will go down. This happened for several years. I knew what the problem was but I never told anyone about it. Most night after having sex with my husband which most times we usually have it twice or at the most thrice incase the first release doesn’t stay, we go second and third. But one thing I do notice in my dream is, after long months of serious mating with my husband the moment I discover I am pregnant, the following day, the pregnancy will go down by default.


One night, I saw myself in a dream after I discovered I was pregnant again. That night, I had serious sex with my husband because we were so happy that I am pregnant again. That night we both slept in bed and in a dream, I saw this HUGE TALL HANDSOME AND IRRESTIBLE MAN coming to meet me in bed with the face of my husband. I knew this is not my husband because he is not as handsome as the man I saw in the dream. This man started dragging with me, right there in the dream, I was calling on my husband to help me but after a few minutes, he was able to overpower me and he removed my clothes and started sucking my private part. I became very weak and allowed him. After few minutes, I woke up panting heavily and I switched on the light beside our bed, it was exactly past 3am. I tapped my husband, he woke up and tried to know what is happening to me and that was when we discovered BLOOD on my clothes in bed. I cried out loud but my husband had to hold and console me. That morning, I was very angry and I was determined to find a lasting solution to this constant miscarriage. I never informed my husband, while he left for work; I got dressed up and went straight to my pastor. Immediately I saw him, he knew what had happened to me and he said, “I know why you are here BUT this is what you will do”. Go home; meet with your husband at the usual time and make sure before you sleep, pray against every strong man and spirit husband. But before you go, go to the altar, tarry before God and when you are satisfied, you can go home.

I did exactly as directed by my pastor. That night, we slept off and as usual, the same man appeared again but this time, he was lying naked and was about climbing me to suck my private part again. I struggled with him and in the process of struggling, I SHOUTED, JESUS!!! Immediately, I heard a loud shout and this man fell to the ground and died then I woke up. That was the day I told my husband everything that had been happening. After nine good months, I am proud to say, I AM A PROUD MOTHER OF FOUR HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN AND THEY ARE ALL GRADUATES.

Prayer is always and will always be the key to all things. This woman took a stand. She was determined to make things right. “The decision of every individual will surely determine our outcome”. I encourage you to pray these prayers below before you leave this post.



  1. First, you will thank God for allowing you to read this post.
  2. Thank God for everything.
  3. Every powers militating against my blessings, be destroyed in the name of Jesus
  4. Forces of darkness waging war against the manifestation of God’s glory in my life, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
  5. I cancel every powers of darkness pressing and overpowering my life in Jesus name.

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