January 26, 2018

What a mighty God we serve. Always in the business of working miracles. When I heard this testimony, I was marveled. I was in a church program when this testimony was shared and I felt sharing it with you will be of great benefit to you.

This woman came out with her son rejoicing. She said, after over ten years of marriage, she had no child. Her home was almost collapsing and finally God remembered her.

Some years back, she was pregnant, she noticed some strange movements in her body and she went to the hospital for checkup. At the hospital, she was told that the head of the baby is upside down. She was troubled because she was told that, she would have to deliver through CS. She rejected it and she went straight from hospital to see her pastor. She said, the man of God did not lay hand on her neither did he make any serious prayers. All he did was to say, “Hello baby, I know you can hear me. Mummy says your position in her body is imbalance but at this moment, I want you to reposition yourself so that mummy can be relaxed and happy”. While the man of God was saying this to the baby, I felt a shift, I felt the pain at first but later the pain seized.

When it was time for her to deliver, she was at the hospital and as at when the baby was to come out, it was very difficult. She said, they could not find the head of the baby, all they saw was fibroid covering the baby and as at then, she had no strength anymore. Then she asked her husband to call the man of God again to give him update of what’s going on. Her husband did that immediately and she was prayed with over the phone. Right there, she felt asleep and as she was about waking up, she felt this force in her. As soon as she pushed just once, the sound she heard was that of a baby with no iota of fibroid again.

What a mighty God we serve. If God could do this for this woman at the point of death, He is still in that same business of working miracles. All you need to do is, believe and have faith in Him.

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