February 9, 2018

There are times when life comes a blessing in disguise. Most times, we pray for something, it doesn’t come to us as we expect but what keeps us glued to it is something most times I can’t explain because I am still trying to phantom what it is. Some people say it is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Well, I am not sure if it is. But one thing is certain; there is always the place of two powers in every happening (God and Devil). This is one great testimony that I believe will blow your mind and I am sure you will learn from it.

I was with the wife of my pastor some months back in church, she shared this testimony with me. Here is exactly how she explained it.

Most times, God doesn’t give us what we need exactly as we expect them. He answer our prayers in His own ways and that is why He is and will always remain God. There is a particular popular prophet in Nigeria. He had a girl staying with him in the church’s mission house. One day, this lady went out to buy some food stuffs in the house. She came across this dirty cobbler. He was as dirty as something else. This man, sighting this lady got attracted to her. He left what he was doing and went after this young pretty lady. This continued for months until one day, she finally accepted him.

This lady took the cobbler to the popular prophet and told him that he would like to marry this man. The prophet asked if she was sure of her decision because he could not imagine her getting married to a cobbler because that was not what he pray to god for. This lady said, she was sure and she would marry the cobbler.

As at then, there was no money, when it was few days to their wedding, the church gathered money for them to sow their wedding clothes and did the little they could as at then. When it was the exact day of wedding, they were about to be joined together when this man said, “please everyone, give us some minutes, we will be back.” He went out with his wife-to-be and they both came back with new clothes. The whole congregation were marveled at the new look of the lady ad before you could say jack, they started seeing some new and big cars coming into the compound. The pastor was inquisitive to know what was going on. The man asked the pastor to proceed and after the joining, the man opened up his true identity and told them, he was not a cobbler. He has houses here in Nigeria, fleet of cars and has house also in the states. He only came to Nigeria to pick a wife because while he was praying, god asked him to go to Nigeria because that is where he would find his wife.”

Our ways are not the ways of God neither are our thoughts his thoughts. Most times, do not expect God to give you your heart desire the exact way you envisaged in your mind. You might expect God to come in through this way but He will come in through the other way. All you need to do and say when you pray is, God, do this and this in your own way.

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