February 14, 2018

Some years back I applied for a loan because my financial standard do not look too good. So, I added my new Golf club, My Art Collections, Books, Electronics, Armani Suits, Wristwatches, Shoes and other personal effects to boost the number in my asset column. But I was turned down because I had too much investment in real estate business. The loan committee didn’t like that I had so much from rent, they wanted to know why I did not have a normal job with a salary.

Life sometimes becomes tough when you do not fit the standard profile.

Some months back, I applied for this credit and loan company, I applied for a loan, I filled in all necessary boxes in the given form and submitted all required documents and few days later, I was called by the company.

After long hours of discussion and interview, I was granted the loan. With a warm smile on his face, the manager said to me, “Robert, we did not grant you this loan because we want to. As a matter of fact, we do not grant loans to business owners. We give out loans to salary earners because we are sure of getting back our money. We granted you this loan because your reasons were convincing enough and you made us break our policy in this company. The manager shook hands with me and congratulated me.

I have realized that those who make the best out of life are those who break life’s rules. Those with quality output are those with extra zeal to producing a better a better result. “A hundred percent input to anything, gives you a ninety percent result. In this context, that is breaking life’s standard. A hundred and one input therefore gives you a hundred percent output.” Everyone have what it takes to getting a hundred percent output. All it takes is a hundred and one percent input.

Another good example is a popular story of Jesus Christ. He was embarking on a journey with his disciples. A great storm broke out. He was called upon because he was in the ship with his men. Coming out from where he was resting, he foresaw the damage that would be cause by the storm. In the quest to breaking life’s standard, he went to the end of the storm in a different real which his men didn’t see.

They tried all approach to stop the storm but they could not. Not until they applied the right approach by consulting Jesus. This connotes that, it is not every applied approach to our challenges that yields good result.

The lady with the mind problem to finding a lasting solution but ended up miserable. Life are in phases with sizes for every man with its own portion of life’s challenges. How we approach our worries, fears and pains will determine the outcome. I therefore encourage you to see fears of life, worries, troubles, as barriers just as Jesus saw the storm as a barrier. Robert saw his initial rejection at the bank as a means to pressing forward. You will only be grinded with life’s troubles if you allow it take hold of you.

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