January 25, 2018

I am a mother of two kids. I was 25 years old when I met this young looking handsome man. We met at a unisex saloon where I went to make my hair and he came to have his haircut. After when he was done having his haircut, he walked up to where I was seated making my hair. He said some words to me but I was reluctant to respond. Few minutes later, he left the saloon and came back with a teenage boy. He told the boy to give everyone present at the saloon a drink because he noticed some of the workers at the saloon as at then were stressed. The teenage boy gave me a nicely chilled bottled drink. At first, I rejected it but after the long pestering, I took it from him and thanked him for the kind gesture. Weeks past and then, we met again at the same saloon but this time, I was about leaving when he came in to get his haircut. He drew back and looked at my face with a nice smile, I greeted him, and that was how we started.

After the exchange of greetings, he demanded for my contact details. I gave them to him and we both departed. Few minutes later, he called and we met at a close place where he told me little things about him. At this point, I knew he was upto something but what it was is what I do not know. After few days, he came to my house with a gift and we told me what he had in mind towards me. I gave it a thought and few days later, I accepted his offer. We started dating and after a year, he proposed marrying me. I did not hesitate thinking twice because i had loved him beyond doubt. We live a happy life and I bore two kids for him.

The 18th of September 2015 is a month I will never forget in a hurry. As usual, my adoring husband was set for work. He gave me a kiss and hugged my two kids while they were preparing for school. The youngest of the kids told him buy them chocolate while coming back home and he promised to do just that. He then gave me a peck and I felt like not letting him go to work on that day. He promised to come back home early because we had a dinner party to attend.

Later that same day as at exactly 12:34pm, I was in the house about to have my bath when my phone rang. I hurried to go pick it up. The voice I heard sounded like my husband’s voice and that made me call him the usual pet name I have for him. But few seconds later, I figured out it was not mu husband talking and I nosed out it was someone else.

Voice: Hello, am I speaking with Mrs. Wilson?

Myself: Yes please.

Voice: I am calling from ……………hospital. Mr. Wilson is right here with us and we will like you to come over.

Myself: Alright, I will be there in a short while. I picked up few things and headed straight to the hospital. Getting to the hospital, I called the same number and it happened to be the doctor, he took me in to where my husband was because I pressurized him to take me to go see him.

Getting to where he was, I saw someone covered in blood. I hurried to where he was lying, took off the cloth that was used in covering and saw my dead husband. I broke down in tears and these words came out from me to him: My Hero, you promised the kids and me that you would be there for us. You promised to come back with the chocolates for the kids. You gave me a kiss and I promised to make you feel like a man when you come back from the office. I have been a good wife and I promise to be the best I can. You have been my father, confidant, brother and husband. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME? WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE E ALONG WITH YOU?

I busted in tears and was helpless because I lost a hero. A true man of real worth. A man whom amidst every hard tides, he was never ready to submit to challenges. He was the hero I could lean on whenever I need a shoulder to cry on. I lost him to death and in the end, I said, DEATH HAS WON THIS TIME.

My opinion: Sometimes in life, we are very ungrateful to God. No matter what happens to us, God is still God and human will remain human. You are alive today is not because of what you know or what you can do. If God decides to take away your soul today, nobody will and can question His actions. Each day you wake up, go out and come in peacefully, God deserves the best of your thanks to Him.

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