January 30, 2018

Hello, welcome to my first FREEBIES ZONE. This is a short story. All you will do is;

  • Read carefully
  • Digest it and
  • Give your best advice. The comment with the BEST advice would be contacted via mail for:
  • A treat with CHRISTIAN JOSHUA
  • Stands a chance to win a free call card of any network of your choice
  • Cash price.

Two little kids whose names are: Sam and Dan. They both attend the same school. Sam was born with a silver spoon while Dan was not. One faithful day, Sam took Dan to his house and introduced him to his mother. He was welcomed and Sam’s mother liked Dan. She gave him food and allowed the two of them to go play in the garden.

Some minutes later, Sam ran to his mum calling her attention to see some serious stretched marks on Dan’s body. She saw the marks and had pity on Dan. She asked what happened and Dan narrated how he had always been maltreated by his step mother at home. Later in the evening, Sam and Dan both went to Dan’s house.

When Dan’s step mother saw him entering through the kitchen, she followed him from the front door of the sitting room. Dan removed his uniforms and kept them in a small CARTON that was given to him by his step mother to keep his clean clothes.

Few seconds later, Dan’s step mother came in. she asked who Sam was and Dan told her. Immediately, she gave Dan a VERY HEAVY KNOCK ON HIS HEAD. The knock was so heavy that Sam had to run away BUT Dan couldn’t cry. He had to bare the pain so as to avoid being beaten again by his step mother. Sam ran straight to his home to tell his mother what he saw with his two eyes.

Here is the game. Imagine Dan as a young boy and a grown man (two characters with same identity).

  1. In other for Dan not to become a bully or develop HATRED for people when he grows old, how would you help Dan to overcome this hostile treatment he receives from his step mother?
  2. Dan is now a grown up. He works in a corporate firm. He has hatred for humanity. How best would you help Dan to overcome and deal with hatred?

Remember, we need just one person with the right and best answer/advice.


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