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Trap 2: Greed

Greed is the next trap we will talk about.

It’s easy to fall into as excess is touted as the thing to have. More cars, more money, more followers,

more of everything. Have you found this to be true? I have and I’ve noticed it’s a trap. How many times have you been to a seminar where the speaker talks about all of his wealth? And how you can have it to? More than one I bet. But when you hear his story and how he came into all of his riches, what do you feel? If you’re like me, you feel envy and the desire to have more. See how easy it is to fall into greed towards money? Look for ways to resist the allure of money and material possessions. I’ve found reading the material of minimalists helps me to push this desire away. Guys like Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus who write at www.theminimalists.com share their journey from having the “indicators” of success to living a minimal lifestyle. They’ve moved towards a simpler life and it’s helped them combat the desire of monetary greed. It’s also helping me realize that I don’t need it all either.

Well, it’s not the only form of greed that will grasp you and try to kill off your ability to lead.


The place where greed gets me is in trying to gain a larger audience, a bigger tribe. I have a desire to reach out to others and give them tools to lead better. I want to share my knowledge with them. And then greed rears its ugly, little head up and tells me I need more followers. That I must be constantly expanding my influence. That I need to be noticed more. There’s nothing wrong with this desire until it becomes all-encompassing and it rules over my life. It’s something I have to combat daily. To combat this, you need to set boundaries. Maybe it’s you only check your stats once a month or not at all. Whatever it is for you, discover it and fight against the greed. Greed also comes at us in relation to our time. Time is precious and it’s something we can never get back once it’s spent so we’ll often try to hold onto it with all we’ve got. We’ll horde our time and try to give attention only to ourselves and those we love. As a leader we’ve got to realize we’re called to give our time to others whom we don’t even know.


Our employees and followers are looking for someone who’s invested in them and not just themselves.

They need someone who will lead and guide and give of their time. I know you can’t give all of your time to your followers. I can’t either. But I’m sure we can give more than we think. Create a schedule of when you can be available to answer questions and personally mentor a select group of followers. Offer your knowledge by writing or speaking or creating a product they can use to further their growth.

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. That’s for sure as that’s as bad as being greedy with your time.

Find out what works for you and implement a way to get rid of the greed you have with your time.

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