11 months ago

Life has its potholes. I call it “POTHOLES OF LIFE“.

On the 15th of July at about some minutes past 8pm, I was in the car with someone, driving from church back home. We got to a road with lots of potholes from the beginning of the road to half of the road and because of this; there was traffic along that road.

Let’s look at it from this angle. The long road is life itself. The potholes are challenges of life you will surely come across on your journey to fulfilling destiny. Remember, I said we were driving from church back home. Our being in that car driving to and from somewhere is like when you are coming from a destination going to another destination. Here is the GIG, Before you get to your destination, there are principles/rules you need to follow:

1. DRIVE SAFELY: While we were driving home, we got to these bad potholes, we had to slow down, just to avoid our car developing any fault. It is possible to drive fast on those potholes but what happens is that, your car will develop fault which means you will surely encounter delay. Most of us have ply the road to our destinations too rough and therefore bump into some dangerous potholes that has led to severe damages to our vehicles of life. Driving safe connotes you need to be patient. As the saying goes, “A patient dog eats the fattest bone”.

2. THINK AHEAD: You might as well say, are there no other routes to follow? Of course, we had another option to drive through but this particular road was the easiest and the fastest route to our destination. You don’t want to get stuck in the traffic of life, do you? When I say traffic of life, it could be self, finance, family and the likes. Just be assured that, you will surely come across traffic but in other to get out off it as quick as you can, you must think ahead. You need to strategize and restrategize. Thinking ahead connotes, planning ahead of unforeseen circumstances. When we got to the first pothole, the woman driving said, Chris, I want to slow down to see how deep that pothole is. I said no problem. If she fails to observe how deep the pothole is, she will not be able to avoid it next time she plies that same road.

3. MAKE USE OF YOUR HORN: Someone might say, what’s the need for the horn? It’s noisy and too loud. Yes, you need it. Making use of your horn connotes TIMING. If you want to get to your destination quick enough, TIMING is a very important factor in the journey of life. Making use of your horn will do two things:
– Alert other vehicles to move fast.
– Alert other vehicles to clear off the road for you to move.

On your way to your destination, people will definitely pull you back, distract you or delay you and in the end, the essence of timing on your journey to your destination becomes irrelevant. “Where you are now is a function of what you have allowed in time past”. Blame it on no one. You don’t go about blaming people for your present condition because it was your decision to allow them keep you where you are.

For now, I will draw the curtain here. You will get more about this in my coming book launching soon.


I am Christian Joshua. I am committed to helping you discover your potentials, utilizing your potential, LIVE FULL & DIE EMPTY

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