January 25, 2018

“What you believe in will surely work because you believe but not everything that work is right.” I can imagine what it feels like being with a set of people whose beliefs, culture and norms are entirely different from yours. In such an environment, you end up being the odd one.

The young boys found themselves in a very different area of life. They were strangers with VALUE, VISION AND VOICE. They are focused and they never allowed challenges of life to toss them around. They have a vision to influence their new environment, where they found themselves. “When you are in the midst of a crowd, you must stand out. If the crowd seems to compete with you, then, you must be outstanding.” What made these boys outstanding is GRACE (God In Your race). “Every human has been given the grace. What you do with it will determine your end.” The king where the three boys found themselves, made a decree.

Note: Decree is by military and cannot be amended. Law is to civilians and can be amended.

The king built a golden image for all citizens under his jurisdiction, to bow to. He also gave a command that at the sound of the musical instruments, all citizens must bow to his golden image. The instruments were blown and everybody did as the king had commanded except for the three boys who refused to obey the king’s command.

A report came to the king that three boys refused to obey the king’s command. The king found out it was true when he commanded the boys to bow to his golden image, giving them a second chance, yet, the boys refused. This arose the king’s anger and he ordered the boys to be thrown into a seven times heated furnace.

“When you do not know the potency of what you believe in, you eventually end up at the feet of anything.” These boys were offered a second chance to bow to the king’s image but they believe in God and got the reward for their believe in God.

It is never possible to trust God even in death and still be disgraced. The three boys stood their ground on never to compromise on their beliefs. They were thrown into the furnace, which was an order from the king.

In this chapter, (Daniel 3:22-26), something great happened. The fire was heated seven times that the strong men who carried the three boys to the furnace were burnt but the three boys were not affected in any way. The event of seeing the three boys walking in the furnace astonished the king. He stood up in amazement seeing four people as against three thrown into the fire. Daniel 3:25, is a verse that makes me amazed. He saw four men and the fourth man was like the son of God. I ask myself, how did he know he was like the son of God?

Verse 26 says, then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the door of the furnace of blazing fire; he responded and said, “Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego, come out, you servants of the Most High God, and come here!”

This connotes that, the king knew that there is a God but he never believed in Him. It took just three boys to transform the entire Babylon through their king. The three boys went through the temptation of denying their God but they TOOK THEIR STAND and were able to win an entire city for God, (Daniel 3: 28-29). These boys never allowed the threat from the king to change their stand.

No matter the challenge you are going through, all you need do is to believe in God, Take The Stand, never compromise your stand for anything because, God never abandon those who believe in Him. Depend on Him and see what He will do.

Stand still and know that he is God; there is no need to fear, for your challenge is for a while. Hold on to God and he will make you laugh in the end. God bless you!

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