January 25, 2018

It is a beautiful morning and I am glad you are part of the living. My birthday is just few days away from today and I am sure almost everyone on my contacts would like to celebrate with me. However, do I need to celebrate and why?

In life, we all need to celebrate and rejoice. “When we go through issues and stages of life, they are not meant to weaken us; they are stages for a bigger and better promotion of a victorious future.”

I have had my shares of difficulties. There was a time in my life, I hawked fufu, oranges, cherry-fruit (agbalumo), Pineapple, guava, Iced water, I had worked in bakery, I had worked as a car-wash boy, I was once an errand boy, I had done a conductor job, I had slept in the market place for shelter, I had been cheated, beaten, kidnapped, duped etc (shearding tears of joy).

There was a time I was begging people to feed. It was so bad to an extent that, whenever these people sees me coming, they will turn to the other way just to escape me.
In all, I am still alive because of God’s mercy, pulling stronger and better each day I wake because of God’s mercy and HE has better plans for me.

In all these I went through, one thing that kept me on was, “VISION.” I am not ready to give-in my dreams because, when I was born, God attached millions of lives to my success. This means that, my success will give rise to the success of others around me. If I give-up my DREAMS, all I will be saying to God is, I am not worthy or capable to be HIS creature or better still, HE has just wasted HIS time in creating me, (deep breath).

Note: “Challenges of life will either make you or break you. Depending on how you deal with them.”

All I went through did not determine where I will or what I will be, I am the determinant of where and what I will be and same goes to you. There was a time in my life things were so tough that, I was begging to feed. It was so bad that, a popular comedian friend introduced me to a “call girl”, (name reserved). We were dating and at the same time, I was having three square meal daily with her. The funniest thing is, whenever a client comes to patronize her for a whole night, she will turn them down because she wants me with me for a whole night. This went on for more than ten months. Even when they were driven away from their business house and she got another accommodation, she invited me to come stay with her. I went just because I wanted to feed myself and the fun I was having with her then. However, their came a day I told myself I have to stop all these things and define my life. Therefore, I told her and went far from her.

Question: Was I enjoying it
Answer: Yes!
Question: Do I want more then?
Answer: Yes!

There and then, I was sleeping in a container and finally landed myself in someone’s house where I was a houseboy. I have a strong zeal for MUSIC. In my stay with this family, I had an opportunity to study accounting because the man of the house beliefs that, musicians are time wasters. Moreso, his belief is that those into music (instrumentalists) are church prostitutes. Therefore, I told him, sir, “I appreciate your kind gesture but music is my passion and that’s what I want to study.”

Immediately, he developed a natural dislikeness for me saying I am a waste of time. I decided to look for money and send myself to school to study music. A day came this same man in his church needed a full set of instrumentalist, it was still I, he came to meet because he saw that, I never quit what I have passion for, (MUSIC).

I will not forget my parents whom God used to reshape and sharpened me when they learnt that I was going through all these without their knowledge. My mum suffered a lot because of me and that is why until today, amongst all her children, I am an egg in her hand.

Despite all I went through, I remained focus because I know where I am coming from and I know where I was heading. In all God was still faithful because I am a miracle going somewhere to happen.

ENCOURAGEMENT: No matter what you think you are going through now, it is just a side attraction to divert your attention. Do not give up on God, do not give up on your dreams, keep moving, keep the flag high, never say never, never be a second best because God has the best in store for you.

As many of you going through one challenge or the other and you need someone to share it with or you want your story to be shared on, please do feel free to share with me for others to learn and the name of God be glorified. You can send me mail via I look forward to receiving your message.

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