January 25, 2018

A little girl had two apples in her hand. The two apples belong to her. Her mother asked the little girl to give her one of the apples to eat. The little girl decided to take a bite from the two apples. The mother became angry, for this reason, the little girl was scolded by her mother and the girl went into her room with tears in her eyes.

Few seconds later, the girl came out from her room and handed one of the apples to her mother and said, “mom, you should have been patient to know what I intend to do after taking a bite from the two apples. I took a bite from the apples because, I want to give you the sweetest of the apples.” Right there, the mother became sober and was ashamed of herself but she did not say any word of apology to the little girl.

Note: “Not everything we do is right. Human is quick to act before thinking.”

Man is the most difficult creatures of God. God love man to an extent that He gave His son for man, (John 3:16). This is where God displayed practical love for man. Despite all He did, the heart of man is continuously wicked and that is why God says, “I repent for creating man.” (Genesis 6:6).

  • Man is quick to bring to conclusion an event or issue.
  • Man is insatiable

God created man and gave him an empire to oversee. His plan is to visit man daily and discuss with man. Event later changed when man did the opposite of God’s command for him in the freely given empire (Garden of Eden).

An instruction was given to man, “You are free to eat of the tree in this garden but you see this particular tree, DO NOT eat anything from it.” God was specific and that is why He told man the particular tree He must not eat from. “You are responsible for every action you take. The end result explains the why for every action we take. Think before you act.”

Man was carried away into disobedience by an inferior creature of God (serpent). Thus, it was not the serpent that disobeyed, it was man. “Your actions will either grow you or destroy you. Be careful.”

Reading further in the passage, as usual, god came down to discuss  with man but found out that man had already disobeyed. During the questioning, man said, “The woman you gave me made me eat the fruit from the tree you commanded us not to eat from, (Genesis 3:12).” This is what man can do. No matter what you do to man, we are never satisfied. We are quick to apportion blame and quick to conclude on issues.

In my next episode of “THE HEART OF MAN,” I will tell us a true-life story of a man who helped a business owner and what later transpired between them. God bless you.

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