January 25, 2018

This is a true life story of Daniel. He is a never give up man and ready to support or come to the aid of anyone that needs him around. Daniel has two jobs, and these jobs allow him, attend to other pressing matters of himself and other people around him. In fact, he derives joy and fulfillment whenever he helps someone to accomplish a targeted goal.

One faithful day, Daniel came across a young married woman by the name Clara. Clara is married to a young man name Tom and she owns a public business center popularly called cyber cafe. Daniel went to patronize her and noticed that, all the couple of hours he spent in her cyber cafe, nobody came in to patronize her and this has been going on for days as noticed by Daniel. He proceeded to ask her what the problem was with the aim of helping her come off it. After much discussion, he found out that Clara has no marketing strategy; she was already getting frustrated because she was not getting quick daily income, which is why she went into the cafe business.

In his usual self, Daniel decided to help her. He talked to a friend whom he met few months back, by the name Jeffrey. He told Jeffery to come supply and install a faster internet service at a much cheaper and easy to access rate.  Clara bought the idea and Jeffrey was invited.

After a while, Clara started complaining that the internet was not good enough, so, she had a serious misunderstanding with Jeffrey.

Few days later, Clara called Daniel to come help her in the marketing of her new home used products (liquid laundry soap, liquid starch, dettol and air-freshener), because Daniel has all the mobile data of all citizens in his country which he uses for marketing. He then discussed the need for her to own a website for easy access of her products and Clara gave her consent to the idea. Therefore, Daniel went ahead to invite someone he know that design websites and the job was done after some days. In the process of all these, Daniel introduced Clara to some other people who he was sure, they would buy her products but in all these, he noticed, she ended up in having a misunderstanding with everyone he introduced to her and this gave him concern. In other to boost her business, Daniel introduced an idea to Clara running a computer-training program for young school leavers to enrol during summer and many more. Clara bought the idea and he went further to introduce Lucky to her as her first student.

Note: Daniel’s aim is for her business to grow. Daniel took Lucky to her and immediately, he left for a while.

A day came, Daniel was in his office when he received a call from Clara to come help her see to the affairs of her business because she will be attending to her in-law who had just put to bed few minutes ago, Daniel went to her the next day.

On her return after a week stay off, Daniel nosed out that Clara is a miser. She is a selfish being who never care about the well being of other, rather she is after herself. Daniel made that day up his mind to never to go close to her anymore rather if Clara needs him around, she have to pay for his service.

In the middle of the week on a sunny day, He was in his house when a call came in from his friend, web developer, asking Daniel to come see him at the police station. On getting to the station, he was informed that, Clara came to arrest him in his house for not giving her some graphic designs she was yet to pay for but she claimed she had paid. In the course of the case, Daniel was also accused by Tom, Clara’s husband that Daniel’s aim is to extort from Clara but because he failed, he decided to introduce the web developer to come extort money.

This statement got Daniel into a different person because according to him and the police in-charge of the case, Daniel’s aim was to help boost Clara’s business and when he discovered Clara was acting strange, he decided to pull back. Finally, the case was settled and everyone left the station peacefully but with bitter hearts towards each other.


After hearing this story from Daniel, I felt bad because, I can attest to the truth that, Daniel invested much of his time to Clara’s business. On the other hand, I find some faults in Daniel. He did not value what he has on the inside of him. Daniel has the capacity to grow peoples business. However, Clara portrayed unaccepted traits. She is never that kind of a person that value people’s service and she is never satisfied, this I had witness on two different occasions.

“The way you relate with people will determine how or what and where your relationship will lead to.” I also came to a thought, “everybody is important to God and to humanity but not everybody will be useful to you.” Time on its own is a huge investment. “Your past and future output is a product of your past and present time invested.”

Never take anyone for granted. Learn to appreciate any good done to you by anyone. “Be slow to speak when you are angry because it can redefine your destiny and identify.”

God bless and enrich you with unmerited favor……….

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