January 25, 2018

The set of people you equal yourself with matters in the growth of human. In less than six months I came across this man, I have learnt alot. A man who dares going the extra mile in achieving anything Godly in life.

Question: Sir, please tell us a little about you?

Answer: My names are Obuz Bezalee BrodoH. I am a young talented man. I schooled at Delta State University and later metamorphosed into ministry. I am a Singer, A Comedian, An Entertainment nag; I help people achieve their dream, An Author and the Chief Responsibility Officer of Christian Talent Community, Nigeria, with talents from over A Hundred and Fifty churches. We meet just ones a month. I am the convener of Take D Stand. A platform where Music, Comedy and ethical values are enhanced and create industries for the young ones so that, they can be proud of Christian Entertainment. I am a married man. I work with a radio station as an On Air Personality.

Question: How long have you been in the Entertainment Ministry?

Answer: Informally, I started singing when I was six years old. I did my first crusade when I was nine years. Professionally, I have been in the ministry for thirty years. I have been in pastoral ministry, helping to raise churches.

Question: What makes you different from other Entertainment Ministers?

Answer: What makes me different from others is because, God created us differently. In life, we will always have calamities but difference is beautiful. Once you know the difference, you stand out. What makes me different is, me realizing what I know what to do then and keep up with it.

Question: During and before going into the ministry, have you gone through any challenge that almost took you off balance?

Answer: Ministry itself is a challenge. Christianity did not grow until their was blood birth. Someone was stabbed, pierced and beaten severally for dream to be fulfilled. If you do not expect challenge, then you are not a Christian. If anyone says he has not faced challenge(s), such person has not embraced Christ. Life itself is full of challenges. The only thing life gives is “NO.” It is only people with determination that changes their NO from life to YES. One thing that triggers me into action is the word, IMPOSSIBLE. Once you say something is impossible, that is exactly what I want to do because I believe that, nothing is impossible with God.

Question: Tell us something about your childhood challenges.

Answer: I had a great growing up. I was six years when my father left home and my mother took care of us, the children. I am from a royal family. However, my family never tasted royalty. I sold bread. I had tapped rubbers. I wake up at the very early hours of the day to tap Two Hundred and Forty trees of rubber daily before going to school. I had sold fishes. I had sold groundnut oil. In my growing up, I walked through the high tides of life.  During all these my hawking and selling, I would trek a very long distance just to make sure I sold all the goods in other for us to eat. All those experiences did not really get to me. One day, I was selling bread for a woman as a retailer, the woman, was picking some pills of groundnut. She dropped some and gave me half a bottle of groundnut. I asked in amazement, ma, “why this much groundnut?” She said to me, “I did this because the life of my child might just be in your hands in the future.” As at then, I was about sixteen years old. I never forgot that experience. Now I realize that I might just be the answer to someone’s dreams and aspirations. My pain motivates me. My pain is my passion and my passion is the response I have to my pain. In my pain is somebody else’s pleasure because if I help the person, he is fulfilled.

Question: Sir, tell us your present projects and likely challenges you are going through.

Answer: In every project, you cannot have a smooth sail. Jesus left his disciples to rest, the storm came. Not until they looked unto Jesus before the storm calmed. In every disadvantage, their is this-advantage. Every obstacle is a stepping-stone for a comeback. So, I really do not see challenge as anything. I hear God before I move because if God is in it, the provision will be there.

Every human being will say money is a challenge but I do not put money in my head when I embark on any project. I estimate what it will cost and I talk to God about it. Presently, we are having a Christian Entertainment Development Program. The ways people are being gathered to churches these days is becoming a big problem. It is destroying the body of Christ. Leading people to Christ now is like joining an association. Some do not know what or who Jesus is anymore. They see Jesus as a hero in a comic book. But we know Jesus is not a boring God.

Question: Lastly, sir, what set of people do you like to have around you?

Answer: I love to have anybody who is talented. Anyone who knows that God has given him/her a talent and is ready to use it. I love selfless and vision oriented people around.  People who are ready to say let us create changes and ready to serve are my set of people to have around me.

OPINION: When you are destined to be great, never redesign your destined greatness. Greatness is in you and you have to let it out by working it out.

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