January 25, 2018

“It is not the number of years you live that matters on earth, it is the number of lives you impact while on earth in line with God’s plans for your life that counts.”

Sometimes, I come across people who say, life is for fun, we need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Note: Whatever we do in life, it is our choice, either good or bad.

I do not stop people from enjoying life to the fullest but the product of the enjoyment is what counts. I want us to see JESUS as a case study of what preparing means. According to Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary, preparation is, “the things that you do or time that you spend preparing for something.” “It is also plans that you make in preparing for something.” In other words, before something can be done or executed, their is the need for preparation. Luck comes with success but before success comes, their is a preparation made in tune with expectation.

The oldest man in the history of mankind is Methuselah (Nine Hundred and Sixty Nine) years. In all the years he lived, he was only known as the oldest man ever lived but with no impact.

Jesus as a human was born like every other human on earth. He lived for just thirty-three years. Something baffled me when I found out and read that, he spent thirty years of His life in preparation for an expected event. Humanly speaking, I don’t think we can be patient enough to spend thirty years of our lives in preparation. The left over three years for execution for what He prepared for.

During these thirty years of preparation, He was busy praying, communing with His father, (God). In all these, He also faced temptations. Something else that amazes me is, within three years of his live, He wroth miracles that still speak for Him until today and His works are still spoken of until now.

A life without impact is approximately a non-existed life. The day you were born, the solution to solve challenges of people around you was built in you. Discover your Mission for your coming to earth just as Jesus had a mission, He knew, He prepared, planned, prayed and executed.

The day you discover your mission on earth, that is the day you begin to create, prepare, plan and at the appropriate time, execution will take place. Your preparation in line with God’s plan for your life makes you the best amongst the rest.

ACTION POINT: Ask God to help you discover your Mission here on earth for easy and quick fulfillment.

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