January 25, 2018

Sometimes, I ask myself, why do people go through challenges and they remain in it for a long time. “The pattern, color or design of your challenge does not matter, what matter is how you approach it, by what means and when you approach it.” You either choose to move on in life and face reality or remain where you are and ruminate on your challenges in self-pity. “Being a true child of God guarantees salvation but that does not make you immune from challenges of life.”

The people of Israel are a set of people God calls His own. God love these people to an extent that he sometimes overlooks their evil deeds. Yet, that does not stop them from being in challenges. “Challenges of life will come but seeing God in your challenge as a burden bearer will make you a victor.”

The children of Israel were camped in a battlefield to face their worst nightmare (The Philistines). Amongst the armies of the Philistines is a warrior who was SIX CUBIT TALL. The bible says, he is a warrior from his youth age. I can imagine the numbers of lives, families, armies and nations he had conquered before he was recognized as a warrior to lead the armies of the Philistines to war against the armies of Israel. At the sight of Goliath, the armies of Israel trembled. “When you don’t know who you are in God, challenges will dictate life for you.”

Sometimes, prayer without work is noise. When you pray, take the bold step and see if God will not move on your behalf.

The people of Israel are God’s people, they have all it takes to pull and take down nations but they became afraid when they saw a physical threat as a challenge. “The problem you know is better than the problem you don’t know. It is easier to approach and deal with.” They had all it takes to defeat the Philistines but they never knew because they do not know who they are in God. “God does not need a team or a battalion of armies to settle your case. For every challenge you go through in life, there is always a solution somewhere waiting to be harnessed.”

The solution to the long awaited threat towards the people of Israel was somewhere in the bush. “Before the arrival of every challenge of life, God knows about it. He only steps in when you call on Him.”

While the armies of Israel including king Saul were busy trembling at the appearance of Goliath, a young handsome shepherd boy, (David) who had been secretly tutored by God was sent by his father, (Jesse) to go give his brothers food at the battlefield and to bring news of the happenings at the battlefield. Getting to the battlefield, David heard the voice of a terrifying giant, telling the armies of Israel to give him a warrior to come wrestle with him (1Sam. 17:8-10, 23) and nobody was able to withstand him. David became angry and so, he decided to confront Goliath, the worst nightmare to the armies of Israel and to prove to them that, there is a God in Israel who does not sleep nor slumber. “When God decides to step into your case, He does not need your profile neither does He need your permission before He fight for you. All He need is your availability.”  Saul the king, has all the needed qualifications, the brothers to David have all it takes to fight the Philistines because they are physically fit but all these are not needed when God steps into your case. In the bush, God was tutoring David as a shepherd boy for a greater task ahead. “When you allow God to tutor you privately, He will use you publicly.” David did know that every challenge has an expiry date. The expiry date of Goliath as a warrior to the Philistines and as a threat to the people of Israel expired the very moment David set his eyes on him and heard him speak against the God of the Israelites. David volunteering himself to face the greatest nightmare of the Israelites was not him in action, rather, it was God in him which is the real David in the supernatural taking action in the physical because he has been tutored by God in the secret place and he understand that, greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. David already won the battle because he was going to approach Goliath with the physical weapon that has already been linked to the spiritual.

In the quest of going to confront Goliath, the brothers to David rose up against him. “When you discover steps on how to step out of your challenge(s), the devil will surely use critics to discourage you.”

Note: It is not bad to be criticized, but it becomes an offense when you yield to the voice of critics. “Critics are a dying minute barrier to hinder you from achieving your goals when you are at the point of victory.” The best method of approaching critics is, “NEVER SAY NEVER. PHYSICAL AND POSITIVE RESULT IS THE PADLOCK TO SHUT THE MOUTH OF CRITICS.” I can image the response David gave when his brothers rebuked him.

“There is always a specially designed challenge for a child of God for the name of God to be glorified in your life.” The challenge of every man is a determinant to how victorious you end up becoming. David saw this as a great opportunity and he made good use of it in other for God to glorify Himself.

On the field of play, something amazing ensued between David and Goliath (1Sam. 17: 43-47). Goliath saw a small boy coming to fight him with a sling and smooth stones. “Wisdom is everywhere but it is rare to find.” If Goliath were wise, he would have given his fight with David a second thought. How do you explain a small boy with no war experience coming to face a tall warrior with decades of experience on the battlefield with shields, bronze helmet, javelin and spear, facing him with a sling and stones? We know that God will never put his children to shame; He made Goliath to see a small boy while David on his path was seeing a cat compared to the beard and lion he had killed in the bush while going through secret tutorials with God.

Chapter 17 vs 48 tell us of the action from David. Out of anger, Goliath stood up to approach David, but David ran to meet Goliath. “No matter the size of our challenge, our bold step to attacking our challenges, backed-up by God is a major factor to our victory.” David knew he was never alone, because of this; he took the fight to Goliath.

In the latter part, the bible tells us that he took out his sling and a stone. Sometimes, it is not your skill or technical-know-how that gets the job done. It is God in your race that makes things easy for you. David fired a stone in his sling; I got so surprise that a warrior could not dulge a stone from a small shepherd boy. God decided to stiffen the head of Goliath so that the stone will meet the targeted point. The bible says, when the stone touched his forehead, Goliath fell down flat on his face. Ne bowed before the small shepherd boy.

The same David who could not use the amour of war given to him by king Saul 17:38-39, was the same David who took a sword from Goliath’s sheath 17:51a and cut off his head as a proof of freedom from the worst nightmare to the people of Israel.

Immediately the armies of Goliath (Philistines) saw that their warrior has been defeated, the bible says, they took to their heels and the armies of Israel ran after them.

I encourage you today, no matter the challenge in your life; there is always a solution somewhere. The best way to figure it out is when you are with God. He never sleeps. He never slumbers. When you are weak, He is stronger. He is never tired of hearing our prayer. Cast all your cares on Him because He is the burden bearer.

ACTION POINT: Close your eyes. Invite God into your life today; ask Him to forgive you of all your sins. Tell him of all you going through and surrender all your challenges to Him. I know God will never fail you when you keep your eyes on Him. God bless you.

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