2 months ago

So, I received a mail from the ‘HR’ as part of the 11 staff to attend a professional program in Maitama, which we all will be given a well recognized certificate.

“Wow, I am lucky!” I said to myself.

It was a nationwide professional program for bankers.

With so much joy, I rang home. I shared the news. Everyone was happy.
My colleagues congratulated me.

“Congrats, Mr. Akeju.”

“Oh! I am yet to attend the program; let alone hold the certificate.”

“Common! Being among the selected ones, is everything.” One of them said.

“Thank you!” I smiled.

I so much looked forward to the event and I greatly planned for it.

A day to the ‘said date’ we were to leave with the company’s bus conveying us there, everyone was sent their payment receipts for printing as one of the prove and evidence as a guest and participant.
But I never received.

I sent a mail as regards the omission of my own payment receipt.

I was told, something was wrong with my payment as they paid at different time from other staff. And i will be reached back.

I felt sad. I thought of so many things.

I thought of bad luck.
I thought I’ve informed some friends I shouldn’t have. Hence, the reason for my sudden predicament.

I thought about the ridicule and the shame after so much ‘trumpet blowing’ out of joy.

The day came to an end and I received no mail to that effect.

Following on, I got to work the next day and they were bid goodbyes. I never stepped outside. I looked from the aperture of the office as they exited.
I was very sad.
They left. Nothing changed.

But as fate will have it, my payment receipt dropped and was sent to me just less than an hour from the close of work.
And it reads:

Dear Akeju,

Please kindly find attached documents for your use as regards the program scheduled for tomorrow in Maitama, Abuja.

Do meet and liaise with the ‘Head of human resources’ concerning the arrangement on your flight ticket as soon as you receive this mail.
Kindly acknowledge receipt.”

To have read that mail, I can’t explain how I felt. I looked to the heavens; and I was speechless. Everything was arranged and the journey took me ‘just’ less than 2 hours. I got there before those who left me in the office hours ago did. I already booked a room. Ate dinner and I was the one waiting for their arrival. They’d some of ‘road challenges’; making them arrive late in the night. They were all surprised to have met me there, as some envied…They arrived tired and hungry but I wasn’t tired. I looked relaxed and ‘fit’. It was an experience I will never forget easily. And this is exactly how it is in life.

We all are on a journey in life. Many are running towards a set goal. We prepared for it. We gave so much time and all our strength. We gave our sweats, we deprived ourselves of our comfort because it takes much more to achieve anything good in life. But in as much as we try, nothing seems to favor us.
All we get is rejection, bad luck, stagnancy. We get to see our peers and friends who are journeying with ease, they appeared less troubled, with no problems everything looks cool. For us, We keep failing where others are succeeding. Everyone’s getting it while we can’t, prompting us to take it to our hearts, compare them with ourselves, leaving us broken. We tag ourselves unlucky and very unfortunate. But then, life is like that. It’s a place filled with huddles; Huddles of pains and disappointments, delay and failure. Challenges and brokenness. A battle field!

Let me tell you: Regardless..let’s keep moving just as we have been… We keep living even when it appears that you ain’t going to make it… Keep striving even when it appears that the only vehicle of life have left without you… Keep standing, something better than a vehicle is coming.

When every of your peers are far ahead of you… Never lose all hope in yourself, just keep faith. Keep hoping; just because of you, that word hope exist. Believe it!

Everyone in life is destined with their own programmed movement. They left you taking the bus because ‘theirs’ was meant to be that way. Let them go. That’s their own time to leave. Your own time will come too; and it is near. Its soonest. It could be a better ‘means’ than a bus. Just hang on. A little more time will do. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow, but till then, we keep our hope alive and we remain strong – Repeat this each day.


Written by Oluwanishola Akeju

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